Our Learning

Learning at our school

OUR SCHOOL VALUES SUPPORT OUR CURRICULUM: The school curriculum is based on inquiry learning.

OUR LOCAL CURRICULUM: Each year we develop Our Local Curriculum document which outlines how to implement the New Zealand Curriculum at Hamilton West School.



In our quest to create life-long learners we empower our students by providing them with learning intentions (what we are trying to achieve) and success criteria (how will we know when we get there).

  • e-LEARNING: Hamilton West School provides a range of devices to support eLearning.
  • ESOL: The school has a number of English Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) students who are well catered for at Hamilton West School. We have an expert ESOL staff who works hard with the other teachers to meet the needs of these students. On enrolment, you will be asked about whether your child may fall into this category.
  • YEAR 7 AND 8 TECHNOLOGY LEARNING Students attend technology classes at another local intermediate once a week. Classes include materials technology, fabric technology, food technology, biotechnology, computer technology and art.
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMMES Our school runs several programmes which support those learners who have special needs and/or abilities.
  • CULTURAL PROGRAMMES At Hamilton West School we offer a range of cultural learning opportunities that run alongside those which are part of our everyday classrooms. In our classes, we integrate te reo and tikanga maori into our learning programmes.
  • KAPA HAKA The school has an active kapa haka group that performs at school events and functions.