Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Hamilton West School Board of Trustees has a strong record of governance since boards were established in 1989.

The Board of Trustees works collaboratively with the educational professionals in the interests of the children at the school.
The Board of Trustees as governors are focused on supporting the Principal in providing the students at Hamilton West school with the best possible education with the resources available. In board deliberations the question is always asked ”is this good for our kids?”. If the answer is “Yes” based on research then the board will focus on making things happen in the interests of the students and their families.

The board is very aware that their success as governors is greatly influenced by the relationships that exist within the board – including with the Principal, between the board and the staff and with the community. These relationships are strong, they are not taken for granted but worked on to ensure they are best able to guide our work.

The board is committed to supporting the development of our local school curriculum which incorporates a wide range of learning opportunities for students across all subjects, the key competencies and school values. This is what parents have told us is important to them on many occasions – an expansive curriculum acknowledging a wide range of skills, talents and attributes. The board is also committed to developing our cultural dimension representing the multi-culture nature of our school today.

The Board is very efficient in carrying out its administrative role so it can focus on what’s important – finding ways to further develop the opportunities and support we provide for the children. An example of how this happens is when parents and students attend goal-setting meeting at the beginning of the year, the teachers and teams feed this information back to the Principal who provides it to the board who discuss how some of these ideas can happen.

Each year the Board of Trustees has a number of obligations to the Crown to meet. This involves submitting an annual Charter and Annual Plan submitted audited financial accounts and providing data on the role and student achievement.

Self-review is an important part of the Board of trustees operation and a number of self-reviews are undertaken annually. These reviews inform the work of the board and how it allocates resources. Reviews are completed in the areas of student achievement, policy, finance and how Charter goals have been achieved.

The board, teachers and community have a very positive record of external reviews carried out by the Education Review Office. The latest is in 2016.

The board is committed to incorporating student voice in its decision making, as a result, students are invited to attend board meetings to present their ideas about their school and their learning. In 2019 the Board will invite the student council to attend a meeting to hear their ideas about how we can make Hamilton West School even better.


Nathan Cox
Chairperson – Board of Trustees

Board Members

Our Board members in 2023 are:
Chairperson Sarah Mundy
Principal (Acting) Helena Kirkham
Parent Rep Ethan Kaaka
Parent Rep Alex Takacs
Parent Rep Alex Till
Parent Rep Davendra Maharaj
Parent Rep Greg McCallister
Parent Rep Graeme Blake
Staff Representative Tammy Williams
Secretary Vic Stone Pearn